The design of your website is the most important aspect.
This is what the visitor will see when they come to your website.
It includes: the color schemes
the navagation
the overall layout.

A basic website can take between 4 to 8 billable hours to design and more elabrate sites will take more.

Website design fees:
Basic: $160 (4page Blog or html site)   

Advanced prices depends on hours worked. Any design that takes over 4 billable hours will be charged by the hour.


Previous Designs


Sunday Morning Linux Review Podcast  (Blog – 10 hours)

River Side Treasure Shoppe  (Blog – 4 hours)

Metro Detroit Linux Users Group (HTML – 8 hours)

BAS Troop 108 (HTML – 7 hours)

Bemus Online  (Blog – 4 hours)

Johnstown Township Fire Department (Blog Style)

The Business Experts (2 hours)

Merrill Place (5 hours)

Prodigy Pro Writing (4 hours)