Internet Security 
for the Lay Geek
Tony Bemus
Penguicon 2016

 - A practical Guide to staying 
    safe on the internet.  
  • Get an AntiVirus/AntiSpyware/Firewall
  • Install updates or remove programs
  • Use strong unique passwords
  • Turn on Two Factor
  • Watch out for scammers
  • Don't use login links in emails
  • Don't over share on Social Media
Antivirus / AntiSpyware / Firewall
Antivirus: Program that scans for Virus Files
  • Auto Update
  • Auto Scan
Antispyware/antimaleware : 
             Program that scans for Virus Files
  • Auto Update
  • Auto Scan
Firewall: Program that blocks
                      bad guys coming or out.
Get an AntiVirus / AntiSpyway
MS Security Essentials 
Hitman Pro:
Norton Internet Security
Kasperski Internet Security
Install Updates !!!!!
Install Updates
Install Updates for Operating Systems:
  Windows, MAC, Linux, BSD, iPhone, Android
Install Program Updates:
   Flash, Acrobat, Java, Quicktime, and
   Web browsers (Chrome and Firefox)
Install Definition Updates:
  Antivirus, Anti-malware, and other
  security software. 
Remove Unnecessary programs
All programs have Flaws!
If the program isn't installed then
  •  It can't be attacked (Hacked).
  •  It doesn't have to be updated.
Use Strong Unique Passwords
Strong Password
Unique  Password
  • Long and hard to guess: 12 or more
  • Pass phrase (three unrelated words)
  • Use only in one place
  • Different for every site
Test your password: Password haystacks
Password Manager
The hard part of a strong unique password
  • It is hard to remember.
Keypass -
  • Opensource and free
  • Inexpensive, Sync, sharable
Two Factor Authentication
Two forms of verifying you are 
who you say you are.
  • Something you know
  • Something you have 
  • Something you are
  • Password and a code
  • Password and Bio (Fingerprint or Eye scan)
Google Authenticator
Duo Security (Ann Arbor)
Be on the lookout for email scams
Do Not Click on Login Links 
from your email
Don't over share on social media
  • Vacation pictures = not at home
  • Account verification info can be 
     found on social media
Tony Bemus
Penguicon 2016
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