The information in this presentation is intended for educational use only.
Techniques shown should only be performed on your own network. Using these skills on a network without prior consent is illegal.
(Don’t be evil)

In this talk I present on the techniques that hackers use and how to keep your self safe.
Here is my presentation slides from Ohio Linux Fest on 10/8/2016 –
A printable version of the slide are here:

I also presented this at MUG on 3/8/2016 and MDLUG on 9/10/2016
Slides are available here:
The presentation was recorded via Google Hangouts On-air and available on

The following topics are covered:

  1. Definition of Offensive security and Countermeasures
  2. The CIA triad
  3. Basic Security Countermeasures
  4. About Kali Linux
  5. Kali Linux Options
  6. Kali Linux Top 10
  7. Android RAT with MSF
  8. Scan computers using nmap
  9. Network Sniffing with macof and Wireshark

Info Gathering using Maltego
Network scanning using nmap
OS Fingerprinting using namp
Android remote backdoor RAT
Network listening using macof and Wireshark